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Mommy Makeover

My experience with Dr. Wilson was beyond amazing. I traveled to Arizona from California just to go to Dr. Wilson, and I’m 9 days post-op writing this. When I decided I wanted a full mommy makeover I was a little overwhelmed and afraid that I would not be able to handle both procedures at the same time.

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I read blog after blog from women who had this done and to be honest with you, it scared the crap out of me. When the procedure was over and I was taken home I went straight into a recliner. I was up with some help after 4 hours walking to the bathroom with guidance, but I was walking there and not in a lot of pain at all. I figured it was all the pain meds and when they wore off I would be definitely in a lot of pain. Nope. I got up every 4 hours walked to the restroom and went a sat back down. I was still waiting for the horrible pain to happen. Don’t get me wrong I had discomfort but I did also have major surgery. Day 2 I was talking with my family members on the phone, did a lot of reading and napping but was still fine. I could now get out of the chair on my own and could walk to the bathroom by myself and didn’t need any help. Yup day 2. Discomfort but nothing that I was expecting has happened. One pain pill every 4 hours did the trick. I was sitting up in the chair eating soup, jello or even pudding. Day 3-5 was just watching a lot of TV, napping in a recliner and resting. I could do everything by my self. I emptied my drains and all, Day 6 I went to my Appointment with Dr. Wilson, I had no trouble getting in and out of the car and walking to his office. Day 7-9 I pretty much can do it all by myself, the pain I expected never happened. Once again, the difference between discomfort and pain is a big difference. I believe the gentle hand and the experience Dr. Wilson brings to the table makes a big difference. I would and will recommend a mommy makeover to all my friends.

- Denise

Breast Enhancement

I just wanted to take a moment to give a review of my experience. First things first… Dr. Wilson was amazing and the experience was definitely A++. I have been wanting to have breast surgery for almost 19 years because breast feeding had caused a complete change in my breasts.

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I decided I deserved this and was ready.. I met with several surgeons, but after each consult I still never felt I found the right surgeon. Almost every doctor wanted to charge just to have a consult. This really kind of turned me off. Also, going in I wasn’t sure if I just wanted a breast lift or implants. I felt my breasts were a nice size but they sagged and lost their shape. I wasn’t sure if I really even needed implants to achieve the results I was looking for. I was told at one consult I had to have implants and that she would be removing a significant amount of my own tissue. What?!! That didn’t sound right

Finally, after being very disappointed and discouraged I was referred to Dr. Wilson. I was very nervous at my initial consult, but he was very calming. He answered all of my questions and told me I didn’t need implants and gave me all of my options. His staff is so great as well. I am now almost one month post-op. I am so happy with my results and don’t know why I waited so long. I went from a small D to a full C. I love that I can wear so many more things now. It has given me so much more confidence. Thank you so much Dr Wilson!

- CV

Breast Augmentation

From my consultations to my follow up appointments I have nothing but positive things to say. Dr. Wilson is a very reputable surgeon and I was referred to him by two of my friends.

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I had a breast augmentation completed back in May 2017. He met with me a couple of times prior to my surgery to inform me of the process and shared his knowledge and recommendations to help me find a perfect fit/size for my body. I honestly believe this is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. It’s given me such a boost in confidence and I am so happy with how they look and feel. Dr. Wilson did an amazing job, I will definitely be referring him to my friends and family!

- SN

Mommy Makeover

I first went to Dr. Wilson for a breast augmentation in the late 90’s. After two kids, a whole lot of weight gain and weight loss, aging and gravity, I decided to go back for a mastopexy with implant exchange and abdominoplasty. I’m about a month and a half post-surgery and I am thrilled.

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My biggest concern with the surgery was the scarring from the mastopexy. I’m still in the early stages of healing, but even from the beginning, I was so pleased with the appearance of the scars. They are much lighter and far less visible than I anticipated. Ask him about his new tape with silicone to reduce scarring! It’s also quite remarkable how much more comfortable I am since the breast lift, without the excess breast tissue and sagging. That was a pleasant surprise I hadn’t expected. I am physically more comfortable in my own body. Dr. Wilson did an incredible job correcting some pretty significant asymmetry and my stomach is flatter and tighter than it was before I had children. My only regret is not going to see Dr. Wilson sooner! I’ve experienced his work first hand and seen his work on friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Wilson to any friend or family member and I will absolutely be back in his office when it’s time for my next procedure. Thank you Dr. Wilson! –

- JP

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