Breast Implants

Breast implants create contour, shape and proportion to the female figure. Size change in breast implants occurs either in projection or width.

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The placement of breast implants to enhance body shape is called Breast Augmentation.

There are two basic types of breast implants: Silicone gel implants or saline salt water implants.

Both types of breast implant have a rubbery silicone shell and come in a variety of sizes. Size change in breast implants occurs either in projection or width.

Projection or the amount the implant pushes your breast forward. Breast implants are Low profile (standard), Moderate profile (medium) or High profile (most projected).

Breast Implants Comparison
Width increases as implants get larger. This is difficult to explain in words but during your consultation you can try on the implants and will gain a better understanding of how both projection and width change the look of your breasts.

There are only three companies in the United States that produce breast implants, Mentor, Natrelle and Sientra. Dr. Wilson uses implant from all three companies in the Scottsdale and Mesa offices. Their products are of highest quality and they provide lifetime warranties. The products vary in names ( Mentor names its gel implants “MemoryGel” and Natrelle names its “CohesiveGel”, Sientra claims it coined the term “Gummie Bear”). Each brand has different dimensions, changing in both width and projection. There are round and shaped or anatomical implants. During your personal consultation the shape and size will be decided based on your desired result and your body frame.


Similarities between Silicone gel implants and Saline implants

  • Outer shell made of cross-linked silicone polymer.
  • Round and shaped breast implants available
  • Multiple incisions possible
Contrasts between Silicone gel and Saline Breast Implants

Silicone gel filled implant

Saline filled implant

Soft breast tissue like feel Firm feel
Less wrinkling secondary to cohesive gel that holds shape Wrinkling likely from rapid flow of Saline causing shell to buckle
Placed completely filled with fixed volume Placed empty and filled through valve once in place. Volume is adjustable
Requires slightly larger incision Smaller incision
Handling a Breast Implant.

Breast Implant Safety

Over the past two decades there has been controversy over breast implant safety. It has been reported that breast implants both saline and silicone have created multiple problems in the health of patients who have had breast implants placed. Silicone gel implants use was restricted for many years until enough scientific evidence could be studied. Silicone gel implants returned to full status in November of 2006 and now are used more often than Saline implants. The gel inside the silicone gel implant is thicker or more cohesive and acts more as a solid than a liquid. They can be cut in half and the gel stay in place and not leak into tissues.