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Implant Exchange In Scottsdale, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ

If your breast implants do not look as good or please you as much as you would like them to, consider an implant exchange or implant revision. Dr. Wesley G. Wilson of Wilson Plastic Surgery with offices in Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ, is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the country and is highly experienced in breast implant exchange. Contact Wilson Plastic Surgery to schedule your Scottsdale breast implant exchange consultation.

Am I a good candidate for breast implant exchange?

The most common reason women have an breast implant exchange, as seen in our Scottsdale, Gilbert, or Chandler, Arizona offices, is to change breast size. Increasing size is more common, but some do go smaller. A breast implant exchange procedure is generally less invasive than the original breast surgery

Our Scottsdale implant exchange patients experience less pain and have a faster recovery because the space or pocket is already present from the previous breast augmentation surgery. The pocket may need to be expanded or changed, but there isn’t the need for tissue to stretch around the implant as there was previously. If the breasts feel hard and stiff the patient may have a “capsular contracture”. The tissue around the implant tightens and may be painful. Removing this tissue adjacent to the implants is necessary as part of the implant exchange to achieve desired results of soft, pretty breasts. This is a more extensive surgery taking more time and slightly longer recovery.

  • Changing aesthetic tastes and preferences
  • A desire to change the texture of your implants
  • Wanting to change your implants from saline to silicone
  • A need to replace implants that have reached their “expiration date”
  • Physical or medical issues with your implants such as capsular contracture
  • Wishing to combine breast implant exchange with a breast lift to combat sagging

The effects of gravity and aging start the same day you get your breast surgery. Pregnancy, along with weight gain and weight loss, can also change the way your breasts look.

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Choosing a surgeon for your breast implant exchange

Selecting the right surgeon is one of the single most important decisions you will make in determining the success of your breast implant exchange.

For many years, Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Wesley G. Wilson performed the most breast augmentations in the southwest. His expertise and over two decades of experience enable him to build one of the most respected practices in the country. Wilson Plastic Surgery has become a sought-after location to receive top-notch plastic surgery procedures by a top board-certified plastic surgeon.

Preparing for your breast implant exchange

Tell your doctor specifically what bothers you about your current implants. Be as descriptive as you can about the “look” you want to achieve from new implants.

During your initial consultation for a breast implant exchange Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Wilson will conduct a thorough pre-surgical physical exam and take careful measurements. If you smoke, you will need to stop for a specified period before and after your implant exchange. Your doctor will also direct you to suspend the use of any supplements or drugs (such as aspirin) that can promote excessive bleeding.

Breast Implant Exchange Procedure

Breast implant exchange surgeries vary widely in their complexity.

If your procedure is needed to address capsular contracture, Dr. Wilson will use a capsulectomy approach. Once incisions are closed, you are dressed in a compression garment. Drains may be left in place to drain any remaining postoperative fluid.

Schedule your breast implant exchange consultation with Dr. Wilson today

Your surgeon’s skills and experience are vital in achieving the safe and satisfying results you desire from your breast implant exchange surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wesley G. Wilson at Wilson plastic surgery serving Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Chandler communities, warmly invites you to schedule a consultation.

Breast Implant Exchange Recovery

Almost always, our Scottsdale breast implant exchange patients can go home the day of their surgery. You will have some bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort. Dr. Wilson will prescribe pain medication as appropriate. If necessary, he will schedule an appointment to remove your drains. Most patients go back to work and resume their regular schedules within a week, although it’s a good idea to avoid upper body activity or strenuous exercise for a month. It may take up to three months for post-surgical swelling to resolve fully.

Breast Implant Exchange Results

After a breast implant exchange Scottsdale patients will see results as soon as bruising and swelling subside, which generally takes between a couple of weeks and three months. Once healed, you can enjoy the final benefits of your new breast appearance. Remember that no breast implants last forever. But there is no “hard and fast” rule that implants need replacement every decade. Many implants last up to 20 years or longer.

Breast Implant Exchange FAQs

Risks include infection, bleeding, capsular contraction, nipple loss, changes in nipple sensation, poor wound healing, complications from anesthesia, and the possible need for additional revisional surgery. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Wilson about how your risks can be minimized.

Breast Implant Exchange surgery is an invasive procedure, and your body needs time to heal. Allow yourself to rest and recover for seven to 10 days. Many patients take a full two weeks off of work to recover properly. However, it will take your body about three months for post-surgical swelling to dissipate entirely.

Our dedicated staff will discuss all of your payment and financing options with you during your consultation and before surgery. Typically, cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. Unfortunately, we do not take insurance.

The selection of your surgeon is important in having aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery and obtaining the best results. When you choose Dr. Wilson at Wilson Plastic Surgery Center in Mesa and Scottsdale, you are choosing a dedicated, experienced professional who believes in giving you the results you want.

Call (480) 513-9111 for any specific questions or to get the conversation started. This process is all about you, and we want to make sure you feel that way.