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Breast Lift with Implants In Scottsdale, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ

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Breast Lift With Implants

Find Your New Look in Beautiful Arizona

As we age, lose or gain weight, go through pregnancy, or simply through genetics, it is perfectly normal for your breasts to lose their firmness and volume and begin to sag. For many women, this can greatly affect their confidence and self-esteem, making them uncomfortable in their own bodies. If you can relate, our Scottsdale breast lift with implants that can deliver optimal and long-lasting results may be your best option for new, younger-looking, and perky breasts.

Breast Lift with Implants with Dr. Wesley Wilson

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wesley Wilson of Wilson Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ invites you to consider if a breast lift with implants surgery is right for you. Dr. Wilson and his highly trained team use the latest in technology and technique along with personalized care to create an experience that is world-renowned.

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What is a breast lift?

With a breast lift, Dr. Wilson can reposition the breast tissue, skin, and areolas, removing excess skin. Breast lifts are used to correct sagging breasts caused by aging, weight loss, breastfeeding, and genetics.

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What is a breast lift with implants?

Often, when a patient is considering breast enhancement surgery, position is a secondary concern to size. A breast implant increases breast size and fullness. A breast lift restores the breast tissue and nipple complex to a higher, more youthful position. If you want a complete look, your better option may be combining a breast lift with implant surgery.

In a breast lift with implants surgery, your surgeon will insert breast implants achieving the desired volume and then “lift” the breast tissue into the proper place and reduce the excess skin, creating your amazing shape and look. With both procedures done within one surgery, you limit the use of anesthesia and recovery time while receiving optimal results.

Reasons to Consider a Breast Lift with Implants

The benefits of breast lift with implants surgery are as personal as your options; your “why” plays a large role in the decisions you make for your new look.

  • A more symmetric and proportionate look
  • Increased breast fullness and volume
  • Repositioned breasts and nipples
  • A younger-looking chest profile
  • Increased confidence

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Lift with Implants?

Patients seeking a breast lift with implants are generally between the ages of 40-60 and in good health. Surgery is not indicated for pregnant or breastfeeding patients. You may be an excellent candidate for a breast lift with implant surgery if:

  • You are unhappy with the size and shape of your natural breasts.
  • You have sagging breasts.
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical.
  • Your breasts are disproportionate to the rest of your body.
  • You are unhappy with a previous breast enhancement.
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Consultation and Preparation

There are many aspects of your breast lift with implants; consultations are imperative to your success. Dr. Wilson and his team will discuss your options, concerns, and expectations for the procedure, recovery, and results. To prepare for surgery, you will need a thorough medical evaluation, including bloodwork and a mammogram. Leading up to your surgery, you may need to take certain steps, as instructed by Dr. Wilson, such as stop smoking and stop taking certain medications that will affect anesthesia or your healing process.

Choosing an Implant Size

Choosing your implants (measured in volume, not cup size) is a choice only you can make. Some factors you should keep in mind:

  • Are you looking for a natural look or something more dramatic?
  • Are your natural breasts asymmetrical? You may need 2 different sizes to make them even.
  • Your body’s natural build; how will larger breasts look on your frame?
  • Lifestyle - Are you active in sports or exercise? How will your enhanced breasts play into your routine?
  • How you might feel about your enhanced breast 10 years from now.


Your actual breast lift with implants may look different from the next patient, depending on your anesthesia, type of implant, breast shape, etc. However, there are things you can expect with every surgery. For most breast lifts with implants, we utilize general anesthesia. Once that is administered, your procedure will last between 2-4 hours.

On the day of surgery and prior to entering the operating room, Dr. Wilson will mark the new position of the areola and the excess breast skin that needs removal. Once in the operating room, the implants will be placed, and marks double and triple checked to make sure the best result will be achieved. The skin is then excised, and the breast tissue reshaped to create the desired result. Dr. Wilson will suture the incisions to minimize any scarring. No drains are used. Dressings are placed to assist in the healing process.

Types of Implants

When creating your new look, size is no longer the only option. A breast lift with implants has become a customizable experience, and you have several things to consider. Dr. Wilson will discuss your options to make an informed decision.

Silicone vs. Saline

Silicone and saline implants are similar as they are both made with a silicone shell and come in round and oval shapes. A silicone implant offers a softer, natural feel, while saline creates a firm breast. Silicone implants are placed with a preset volume and require a larger incision, while the saline implant is placed and then filled.

Smooth vs. Textured

Textured implant shells were originally thought to be preferred for a consistent look, but with recent findings on long-term results, smooth implants have become a far more common choice for patients and surgeons.

Teardrop vs. Round

This decision is based largely on aesthetics and your build. What look are you going for? Teardrop implants lend to a natural breast look, while round will create cleavage and a fuller breast.

High, Moderate, and Low Profile

Profiles are related to the size of the base of the implant, with high having the smallest base size and low, the largest. This affects the aesthetic and where the implant will sit in the chest and your profile. This decision is based on not just the look you are aiming for but also the size of your breast base.

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Breast Implant Incisions

There are several incision types utilized in breast enhancement surgeries, each has a specific purpose, and in your consultation, Dr. Wilson will discuss which would be best used in your surgery.

  • Vertical Lift - Commonly used, this involves an incision around the areola and from the bottom of the areola vertically to where the bottom of the breast meets the chest.
  • Inverted T-Lift - For heavy sagging or after weight loss, the doctor may add another incision to the vertical lift along the breast crease.
  • Periareolar - A full circle incision around the areola, this is only used for slight lifts and is not as common as the above two.
  • Crescent - Used for minor sagging or nipple repositioning, a crescent-shaped incision along the upper portion of the areola.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Once you have recovered from anesthesia, you will be cleared to return home and begin your recovery. For the first week, rest and pain management will be your primary focus. You will notice some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Sleeping upright and refraining from lifting your arms will alleviate some of this.

At your first post-op appointment, at about one week, it is likely Dr. Wilson will remove the drains. Your release to work depends on your type of job and varies. Most patients are able to return to all regular activities by 6 weeks. Scars and swelling will fade over time, and you can expect to see optimal results in 6 months to a year.

Breast Lift With Implants Diagram 1

Over time, a woman’s breasts begin to sag and the areolas become larger.

Breast Lift With Implants Diagram 2

Dashed lines represent incisions and gray areas outline the area of skin to be removed and the new position for the nipple.

Breast Lift With Implants Diagram 3

Skin formerly located above the nipple is brought down and together to reshape the breast. Sutures close the incisions, giving the breast its new contour.

Breast Lift With Implants Diagram 4

After surgery, the breasts are higher and perkier, with sutures usually located around the areola, below it, and in the crease under the breast. Sutures are internal and dissolve over time. No need for sutures to be removed.

Breast Lift With Implants Diagram 5

The incisions usually heal very well and are minimally visible. They are the trade-off for a higher, shapelier breast. Most women feel the trade is worth it and are very happy with the results. If more fullness or a larger breast are desired, breast implants can be place at the time of the breast lift or at a later surgery.

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Why Dr. Wilson?

American Board of Plastic Surgery certified, Dr. Wesley Wilson has built his reputation as a highly regarded surgeon by both peers and patients by combining the latest techniques in plastic surgery with the belief that personalized care is imperative to the patient’s satisfaction in both experience and results.

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Breast Lift With Implants FAQs

You can experience some pain during the first week or two of healing. Our pain management plan can help alleviate that discomfort, and you will receive pain medication and other tools to help make you comfortable.

Overall, breast lift with implants surgery is safe. As with any surgery, you do risk reactions to anesthesia and infection, but these risks are extremely rare. The procedure itself has a low percentage of complications, and Dr. Wilson will discuss what those complications mean to you before your surgery.

Breast lifts with implants are to reverse the effects of gravity and several other factors, including pregnancy, aging, and weight change. All of these factors will continue to affect your body as time moves forward. You can generally expect your results to last between 10-20 years.

Breast lift with implants surgery requires general anesthesia, so you will not be able to drive yourself home, and you will need someone to stay with you at least 24 hours post-surgery. You can expect to be released as soon as the anesthesia has cleared your system. Options to stay overnight are available, but most patients prefer to go home.

Many patients report that they successfully breastfeed after breast lift with implant surgeries. However, there is a slight risk that it will affect breast milk production.

A change in nipple sensitivity is possible. However, it is rare and often temporary.

Yes, the areola can be reduced to the size desired by the patient.

Your breast lift with implants cost can vary due to several factors. The staff at Wilson Plastic Surgery are available to discuss payment options and financing.

Breast lifts with implants are considered an elective cosmetic surgery and are generally not covered by insurance.

The selection of your surgeon is important in having aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery and obtaining the best results. When you choose Dr. Wilson at Wilson Plastic Surgery Center in Mesa and Scottsdale, you are choosing a dedicated, experienced professional who believes in giving you the results you want.

Call (480) 513-9111 for any specific questions or to get the conversation started. This process is all about you, and we want to make sure you feel that way.