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How Long Does Plastic Surgery Last?Wilson Plastic Surgery

Getting any type of plastic surgery is a big step. It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about the surgery you’d like to have done. Consider the answers to some common questions about various types of plastic surgery.

There is no specific length of time connected with the lasting power of plastic surgery. The aging process continues no matter what type of surgery you receive. The clock continues to tick the day after surgery. You will look better and more refreshed throughout the aging process with the help of various plastic surgery procedures. So, getting a facelift at 65 years old means you will likely look better at 70 and 75 years old, then you would’ve if you hadn’t had surgery.

Breast Implants

There is a common belief that breast implants must be replaced after ten years. This is not accurate. Breast implants can stay inside a woman’s body as long as they are in good condition and are holding their shape well. Of course, they can be replaced if there is an issue or if a woman decides she wants to change the size of the implants.

A Face Lift

While there is no specific number of years that a face lift can last, they are usually effective for about seven to ten years. Of course, there are factors that can contribute to prolonging the effects. For instance, patients who avoid smoking and stay out of the sun without sunscreen enjoy a longer-lasting face lift. Also, people with excellent bone structure are likely to have results that last longer.


The results of liposuction surgery can last for your entire life if you maintain a healthy weight and stay physically fit. However, if you do gain weight after surgery, it may not be in the same areas where you had liposuction performed.

Neck Lift

On average, a neck lift lasts for about ten years. Gravity plays a part in the longevity of this procedure so it doesn’t have permanent results.


When you get Botox injections you can expect the results to last for about four to six months. After that, the wrinkles begin to reappear and muscle reactions return. Some improvements appear right away after having Botox, but it takes about a week to see complete results of the procedure.

Tummy Tuck

In terms of longevity, a tummy tuck is similar to liposuction. If you maintain a healthy weight and continue to stay physically active, then a tummy tuck can last many years. The degree of loose skin that was present prior to surgery will not return, but skin becomes laxer with age.

Brow Lift

On average, the results of a brow lift last for about ten years. The age of the patient and the specific type of brow lift a person receives factor into how long the results of this procedure last.

Does Your Lifestyle Affect How Long Plastic Surgery Improvements Last?

Yes, lifestyle plays a significant factor. This is especially true with specific types of plastic surgery. For example, if you get liposuction, you can maintain the weight loss by eating right and exercising on a regular basis. If you get a facelift, you can add to the longevity of the results by putting on sunscreen and applying moisturizer to your skin to keep it as healthy as possible. Not smoking also contributes to the longevity of a facelift.

Which Procedures Require Maintenance?

Botox requires maintenance because the results only last about three to four months. The decision to get another facelift, neck lift, tummy tuck or other procedure is a personal decision. Some people get just one plastic surgery procedure in their lifetime. Others get a procedure every ten years to make them look their best as they age. It depends on the person and his or her preferences.

Finally, with any type of plastic surgery, it’s important to make sure you get a fully-qualified, Board-certified surgeon to perform the procedure. Having a qualified surgeon performing your plastic surgery gives you peace of mind about your safety and well-being during the procedure. In addition, a second or third plastic surgery procedure in future will be more successful if the first procedure was done properly.

The selection of your surgeon is important in having aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery and obtaining the best results. When you choose Dr. Wilson at Wilson Plastic Surgery Center in Mesa and Scottsdale, you are choosing a dedicated, experienced professional who believes in giving you the results you want.

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