Review from a client:
Mommy Makeover
My experience with Dr. Wilson was beyond amazing. I traveled to Arizona from California just to go to Dr. Wilson, and I’m 9 days post-op writing this.

When I decided I wanted a full mommy makeover I was a little overwhelmed and afraid that I would not be able to handle both procedures at the same time. I read blog after blog from women who had this done and to be honest with you, it scared the crap out of me.

When the procedure was over and I was taken home I went straight into a recliner. I was up with some help after 4 hours walking to the bathroom with guidance, but I was walking there and not in a lot of pain at all. I figured it was all the pain meds and when they wore off I would be definitely in a lot of pain. Nope. I got up every 4 hours walked to the restroom and went a sat back down. I was still waiting for the horrible pain to happen. Don’t get me wrong I had discomfort but I did also have major surgery.

Day 2 I was talking with my family members on the phone, did a lot of reading and napping but was still fine. I could now get out of the chair on my own and could walk to the bathroom by myself and didn’t need any help. Yup day 2. Discomfort but nothing that I was expecting has happened. One pain pill every 4 hours did the trick. I was sitting up in the chair eating soup, jello or even pudding.

Day 3-5 was just watching a lot of TV, napping in a recliner and resting. I could do everything by my self. I emptied my drains and all,

Day 6 I went to my Appointment with Dr. Wilson, I had no trouble getting in and out of the car and walking to his office.

Day 7-9 I pretty much can do it all by myself, the pain I expected never happened. Once again, the difference between discomfort and pain is a big difference.

I believe the gentle hand and the experience Dr. Wilson brings to the table makes a big difference. I would and will recommend a mommy makeover to all my friends.

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